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Our offering:

We provide services that are very useful to roof inspectors and estimators.  Equipped with our images and video footage, your inspectors and estimators will have a very good idea of what is going on before they arrive at the job site.  When they do arrive, they will be able to focus on understanding the trouble areas and have a much better idea of what will be required and, if possible, will be able to review the extent of the job with the customer.  This will give your company a significant leg up in documenting what needs to be accomplished and ultimately getting the work.

So our goal is to give your inspectors and estimators:

  • images of the complete roof
  • closeups of potential roofing issues spotted during flight
  • inspection images of chimneys, vents, pipes and other parts of the roofing system
  • a video fly-about of the entire roof

Do note that trees and other obstructions may preclude imaging of some portions of the roof.  We will do our best to get as much detail as possible without accident or incurring further damage.

Roofs can have all kinds of issues that either need spot attention or make the case for a complete replacement.  Most of these issues can be identified, at least in part, by aerial imaging.  Things like cracking, alligatoring, fish-mouthes, blistering and general damage can be readily identified.  Other things things like ponding and punctures are generally less obvious but might also be identifiable depending on situation and extent of damage.  We want to get this kind of information into the hands of your inspectors before they arrive on the job-site.

We also provide imaging that will help you to assess the condition of the peripheral bits of the roofing system.  We will provide images of the fascia, guttering, flashing, skylights, chimneys, vents, and other protrusions so that the inspector is aware of and has a record of all of these.

The measurement option:

Another element of job scope is the physical dimensions of the project.  We offer a $60 add-on that will provide measurements that are accurate to within 1% of the actual values that the inspector might get using a measuring tape.  This option is especially attractive for complicated roof systems where access would be dangerous, this option might be very welcome.

This is a tremendous advantage for estimators and inspectors alike.  Estimators can easily build the “error” into their bids while inspectors can verify a subset of the measurements for their report.  Both will have a productivity gain which will help the bottom-lines of all concerned; company, inspector, estimator and customer.

So how much will this cost:

The answer is that it depends on:

  • the size and complexity of the roof
  • how much travel is involved
  • are inspections tightly grouped
  • are measurements required
  • is the home is in a highly controlled airspace, i.e. are special clearances needed
  • the weather and other obstacles like overhanging trees
  • miscellaneous time consumers (access control, special on-site direction, etc.)

Please understand that we are not interested in milking jobs for all that we can get.  Our goal is to be a trusted and efficient companion to your business where we take care of the aerial equipment and software and you take care of the inspection and estimations.  We are very interested in building long-term, trusting relationships with companies.  With this in mind, our inspection charges start at $100 per engagement for very simple and straightforward inspections that take 30 minutes or less to gather and upload.  The more complicated the roofing system and the more problems that need detailing the more time is required to gather and provide the information.  Our time is billed at $150/hour.  Likewise, travel outside of a 15 mile radius of our place of business will incur a $2 per excess-job-mile charge to cover a bit of the driver time.  These charge types will be detailed in the example estimate below.

An example estimate:

To give an example, let’s say there are 4 jobs that take a total of four (4) on-site hours to perform.  In total, the pilot travels 221 miles on the vehicle while going to, between and from the jobs.  Two of the roofs will require measurements due to both danger levels and complexity.  The first roof is very simple and small, the last roof is simple but very large.

This spreadsheet represents a medium sized set of jobs with two simple roofs (one small and one large) and two complicated roofs where measurements are requested.  Larger jobs may require one or more full days on a given site (e.g. power plant inspections) with multiple pilots.  Simpler jobs might contain a series of small jobs where a single pilot can be in and out of each in the space of a half hour.

Bottom line:

We believe that our services can help you in several ways.

  • We can give your inspectors information ahead of their inspections so that they can better focus on the essential things.
  • We can give your estimators all that they need along with the inspection report to make great estimates of the needed work.
  • We can be part of the firm foundation that your company needs to build a strong and successful business.