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We want to help your sales team to give their customers all that they need to make well informed decisions on the properties that they are considering.  For our part, we will provide aerial imagery that highlights and magnifies the value of each property.

Below, you’ll find the details of the three different package levels that we offer.  The Basic set provides a collection of very useful still images.  These images alone will significantly enhance your customer’s perspective of a given property.  The Extended set introduces some video along with a few additional stills to provide further insights into the property.  Finally, you’ll get the full-whack in the Video Builder set which includes even more revealing “Warts and all” images and all the footage needed to put together a great video that introduces the property to prospective customers.  At the bottom of the page you’ll find a few optional bits that might be needed to satisfy only the most demanding buyers,

BASIC SET – $100

  • Still images
    • Shots from four corners of the main building
      • for each additional building (e.g. barn):  $20
    • Close-ups of up to five features (pool, decks, garages and out buildings)
      • for each additional feature:  $2
    • High wide property shot
    • Straight down (bomb) roof shot
    • Attention shot (front of home with front door)
  • Raw digital asset storage for downloading for first month


  • All features of the Basic set
  • Video
    • Circular orbit of main building
      • each additional building:  $20
    • Lead up to home or property
    • Raw, unprocessed footage is provided


  • Everything in the first two sets
  • Additional images
    • “Warts and all” close-up images
  • Additional video
    • Four side-to-side pans of four sides of the main building
    • 75 foot side-to-side point of interest of main building front
    • Reveal of main building or building cluster
    • Fly over of main building or building cluster
    • Straight down ascend/descend “bomb shots” with spins
    • Walk-about of the property (up to 5 acres)
      • each additional acre area:  $10
    • High neighborhood fly-in


  • Aerial site map:  $75
    • for each acre more than five (5) acres:  $2/acre
    • for lawn/crop stress image:  $75
  • Building roof report (images, areas and dimensions):  $60
  • Video processing with 1 minute clip:  $200 for initial clip
  • Storage beyond the first month:  $0.10 / gigabyte / month


The following examples will exercise many of the pricing options listed above.  They are not comprehensive but meant to give you a feel for how pricing works.