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Golf Course Health Monitoring

  • Use NDVI or VARI imaging to identify areas of concern on your course
  • Track progress as your crew addresses the issues
  • Give golfer the best course that you can

Real Estate Support

  • Get the exterior shots that will help you to sell your properties. 
  • Answer questions that customers ask with a bird’s eye view. 
  • Use fly-bys to allow your customers to “walk around” the property with their family and friends.

Roof Inspection Support

  • Give your inspectors as-found images before they start.
  • Help estimators with imaging and accurate dimensions
  • Support customers in their decision making process

Quarry Inventory and Configuration

  • Monitor your inventory and quarry configuration. 
  • Be on top of your haul road and wall heights. 
  • Track your inventory from week to week without climbing piles.

What we do

We are all about measuring and monitoring things.  To this end, we offer mapping services that use the appropriate sensors to get you the information and data that you desire.

Chief Benefits

  • Faster, more thorough and safer surveys
  • More meaningful tracking and monitoring
  • Volumetric, linear and area measurements
  • Real savings through:
    • timely data
    • improved safety
    • accurate measurement
    • issue identification and tracking

We use a variety of equipment, tools and software to gather, process and tweak the data, the most prominent of which are unmanned aircraft (a.k.a. drones).  For instance, if we were to use a standard (RGB) camera to capture images of a location on a given day, you could use them in a variety of ways:

  • Configuration Management:  document and track key site features and inventory
  • Volumetric Calculations:  track the size of stone and lumber piles
  • Site Mapping (2D and 3D):  clearly see and label important features, areas and pathways
  • Progress Measurement:  assess how a project is coming along
  • Topographical contour models

If you had also wanted near infrared imaging, you could assess the stress levels of the vegetation (trees, crops or turf) in the area.  A multispectral camera could reveal mineral concentration or even disturbed earth.  Inclusion of sensors for other purposes, could gather geo-referenced data on gas concentration or something else.

Our goal is to get you the data that you need to inform your decision making.